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15cm (6in) pencil tape , white, 4 woven pockets, 2.5 fullness.

15cm (6in) pencil tape , white, 4 woven pockets, 2.5 fullness.

Ref: T6WP

The balanced spacing and deep pleats of this tape create a pronounced effect that will appeal particularly on long (floor to ceiling) or heavy curtains, this is a luxurious top quality tape that will enhance the appearance of any pair of good quality curtains.

A single sided, heading tape designed to yield 2.5 x fullness when fully pleated. At this ratio the tape will stop pleating, the well proportioned deep ''D'' style pleats will be beautifully presented with each pleat firmly aligned next to its neighbours unable to tip, bunch or spread.

Four high-density woven pockets made to the maximum depth that will accept metal or plastic with minimum sag. The four pockets give a choice of hanging points the lowest of which will enable the curtain to be lifted significantly above the track if required for light reduction.

Four high quality draw cords run through specially designed tubes in the tape to allow easy pleating.

Heat finished to ensure minimal shrinkage when washed.

Price per metre:

(49 or less) 1.68 +VAT

(50 or more) 1.31 +VAT

Covered Square Lead-penny weights

Covered Square Lead-penny weights

(99 or fewer) 0.15 +VAT (100 or more) 0.12 +VAT
Polyfil no 75 cotton thread, 1,000m bobbin for domestic machines. Natural colour.
25 x Brass plated metal tape hooks

25 x Brass plated metal tape hooks

(39 or fewer) 0.75 +VAT (40 or more) 0.59 +VAT

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