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5.0cm (2in) pencil heading tape adheres to hook tapes

5.0cm (2in) pencil heading tape adheres to hook tapes


Use for fixed-headed curtains and valances fitted around pelmet boards. This pencil tape has a loop backing that fixes onto hook tape stapled around the pelmet board.

Once the tape has been pleated a soft loop surface is presented rather than pockets for curtain hooks. This soft surface is designed to adhere to hook tape that has been secured to a wall, pelmet or other surface where a fixed curtain is needed.

Full width texturised Polyester hook compatible section for superb adhesion and a choice of fixing height .

Two high quality draw cords run through specially designed tubes in the tape to allow easy pleating.

For best results apply the tape to the hook tape and the pull it off immediately. This will fluff up the "adhesive" section of the tape and will help it to stick even better the second time.

See The Encyclopaedia of Curtains page 135 and 173.

Price per metre:

(49 or less) 0.18 +VAT

(50 or more) 0.14 +VAT

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