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Super Rotary Chain Roman blind kit 210cm wide

Super Rotary Chain Roman blind kit 210cm wide Enlarge


HRSUP210R6 transparent tape drops, 4 universal face-fix/top-fix brackets
RODBARPACK210Includes: 7 fibreglass rods with plastic end caps, flat bottom aluminium bar with plastic end caps and instructions. The rods are a fibreglass product and care should be taken when cutting.
TAPEPACK210 Includes: Ivory rod tape and S hooks.

The standard headrail is supplied with a 1:1 ratio chain drive suitable for blind weights of up to 2kg and a 350cm (175cm drop) white nylon chain with a child safety breakaway device which also allows you to shorten the chain ring if necessary. The chain drive is supplied fitted on the right of the headrail but can easily be moved to the left if required. The bottom of the chain must be no lower than 60cm from the floor.


Profile Height: 22mm
Profile Depth: 10mm
Bracket projection: 37mm to front of headrail.

Optional Brass bead chains are available in brass, chrome, nickel, gold, antique silver, antique brass and black nickel finish. After adding the kit to basket see BRASS BEAD CHAIN OPTIONS below.

Price each:

(4 or less) 54.86 +VAT
(5 or more) 45.73 +VAT

Upgrade to Heavy Duty Drive

For heavier blind weights up to 4.5kg upgrade the standard 1:1 ratio chain drive to a 1:5 ratio heavy duty chain drive.

You MUST use a continuous chain ring with this heavy duty chain drive.

Heavy duty chain drive for weights up to 4.5kg, ratio 1:5 Enlarge
This drive requires a continuous chain ring and an R clip (CHSAFE-R) tensioning device to be installed no lower than 1.5m from the floor.

The R clip must also have attached a tensioning device warning label (CHWARNTD)
see continuous chains and R clips below.

It cannot be used with a chain joiner or chain breakaway.
X close

Additional charge 1.70+VAT.
Requires a continuous chain ring fitted with a chain tensioner screwed to the wall no lower than 150cm from the floor.
After adding the headrail to basket see BRASS BEAD CHAIN OPTIONS below.

Free Optional Cutting Service

We offer a FREE cutting service on this kit.
Simply tick this box and enter the required lengths in mm.

If you do not tick the box then the track will be supplied un-cut.

Now, please enter the lengths required in mm.

Your measurements for the headrail length will include the drive and endcap.

You should also enter the required length for the flat bottom bar and fibreglass rods including end caps. Fibreglass rods are normally 30-50mm less than the headrail to allow for the fabric side turning.

If you do not enter measurements then the items ordered will be supplied un-cut.

After adding the headrail to basket, if you have ordered the 1:4 Heavy Duty Drive Upgrade, you will need a continuous chain ring. If required please order below.

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