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Information & Ideas

Curtain Information & Ideas

Curtain Idea. For all your Curtain Ideas.

The 'Curtain Information and Ideas' section of our site will allow you to view extracts and professional curtain tips from Merrick & Day curtain design and make-up publications. This will give you a head start in your curtain projects as well as a thorough insight into the style and quality of the information contained in our books.

The Encyclopaedia of Curtains

Curtains, Tops and Blinds - Guide Lines
  - Budget
  - Light
  - Fitting
  - Window Shape
  - The Room
  - Style and Design
  - Proportions on Top
  - Full Length versus Sill Length
  - Living with your Curtains
  - To Sew or not to Sew

Measuring Windows
  - Measuring Chart

Proportions and Planning
  - Pelmet Boards
  - Tracks or Poles
  - Poles and Laths
  - Curtains

How Much Fabric pages
  - Curtains
  - Valances
  - Pelmets
  - Informal Scarf Drapery, Swags and Tails
  - Fabric Trims
  - Tablecloths
  - Blinds

Cutting Plain and Patterned Fabric
  - Cutting Plain Fabric
  - Cutting Fabric with Borders
  - Cutting Patterned Fabric
  - Drop Patterns

Rope Trim
  - Hand Sewn Rope
  - Knotted Rope
  - Rope Clovers

Installation and Fitting pages
  - General
  - Fitting Tracks
  - Fitting Pelmet Boards
  - Shaped Pelmet Boards
  - Bay Window Fittings
  - Arched Window Fittings
  - Fitting Poles
  - Making Fabric covered Laths

Hanging Curtains
  - Hanging Curtains
  - Dressing Curtains
  - To Steam Curtains
  - To Bandage Curtains
  - Adjusting the Curtain Length
  - Fitting Tie-Back Hooks
  - Hanging Valances and Pelmets
  - Fitting Blinds
  - Hanging Swags and Tails
  - Decorative Rope and Trims
  - Draping Swags over Poles

Care and cleaning

Glossary - Curtain Terms

The Swag and Tail Design and Pattern Book

Making a Bow

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