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Compact Rotary Chain System

About the Compact system

The cord drops have sufficient cord for a blind drop of 350cm.

The made-up headrails and kits are supplied with a 1:1 ratio standard chain drive, suitable for blind weights of up to 2.5kg.

For weights up to 4.5kg a heavy duty chain drive with a 1:4 gear ratio and extra universal brackets are available,

For an even smarter look purchase a brass nickel, or chrome chain.

Widths can be cut to size with a junior hacksaw.

Drops can be adjusted by using the correct amount of fibre glass rods for the window.

Care should be taken when cutting. For best results wrap fibre glass rods with tape at point of cutting.

Compact Rotary Chain Roman Blind Kits - Instructions, Hints & Tips (pdf).

Chain Safety

Chain Safety

Chain safety breakaway device with 3.5m of chain is now included. The safety breakaway device allows the chain length to be a minimum of 60cm from the floor. Tensioning device, screwed to the wall at 1.5m from the floor, is not required (unless using heavy duty chain drive with a continuous chain).

Fully compliant with BS EN 13120,BS EN 16433 and BS EN 16434 Child safety regulations.

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