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Curtain Idea. For all your Curtain Ideas.

The 'Curtain Information and Ideas' section of our site will allow you to view extracts and professional curtain tips from Merrick & Day curtain design and make-up publications. This will give you a head start in your curtain projects as well as a thorough insight into the style and quality of the information contained in our books.

Curtain Inspiration

Sample pictures from Curtain Inspiration

The Encyclopaedia of Curtains

The Encyclopaedia of Curtains
Please be aware that the extracts for The Encycloaedia of Curtains shown below are from the first edition book published in 1996. The completely revised and updated verion is now available.

Click here for The Encylopaedia of Curtains - Revised edition.

Curtains, Tops and Blinds - Guide Lines
  - Budget
  - Light
  - Fitting
  - Window Shape
  - The Room
  - Style and Design
  - Proportions on Top
  - Full Length versus Sill Length
  - Living with your Curtains
  - To Sew or not to Sew

Measuring Windows
  - Measuring Chart

Proportions and Planning
  - Pelmet Boards
  - Tracks or Poles
  - Poles and Laths
  - Curtains

How Much Fabric pages
  - Curtains
  - Valances
  - Pelmets
  - Informal Scarf Drapery, Swags and Tails
  - Fabric Trims
  - Tablecloths
  - Blinds

Cutting Plain and Patterned Fabric
  - Cutting Plain Fabric
  - Cutting Fabric with Borders
  - Cutting Patterned Fabric
  - Drop Patterns

Rope Trim
  - Hand Sewn Rope
  - Knotted Rope
  - Rope Clovers

Installation and Fitting pages
  - General
  - Fitting Tracks
  - Fitting Pelmet Boards
  - Shaped Pelmet Boards
  - Bay Window Fittings
  - Arched Window Fittings
  - Fitting Poles
  - Making Fabric covered Laths

Hanging Curtains
  - Hanging Curtains
  - Dressing Curtains
  - To Steam Curtains
  - To Bandage Curtains
  - Adjusting the Curtain Length
  - Fitting Tie-Back Hooks
  - Hanging Valances and Pelmets
  - Fitting Blinds
  - Hanging Swags and Tails
  - Decorative Rope and Trims
  - Draping Swags over Poles

Care and cleaning

Glossary - Curtain Terms

The Swag and Tail Design and Pattern Book

Making a Bow

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