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Cushion Pads & Zips

Please Note:
Due to the large size of our cushion bags, our costs for next-day delivery for cushions have increased considerably. Therefore, all consignments containing over 2 bags of cushions will be despatched on a 3-day service.

After you receive your cushions, please remember to plump them up.

To plump up feather pads, take hold of diagonal corners and push the corners together several times and repeat for the other corners.

To plump up hollow fibre cushion pads simply hit them several times in the center of the pad.

cushion pads

A range of duck feather and polyester cushion pads from 30cm (12in) to 91cm (36in). Rectangular, bolster and round cushions also available.

How to size cushion pads

The cover should be smaller than the cushion pad to ensure a snug fit and filling in the corners. As a good rule of thumb for pads 30cm-40cm (12"-16") make the finished cover size 2.5cm (1") smaller than the pad. For pads 46cm (18") and over make the cover 5cm (2") smaller.

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