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Heading Tapes

Information for woven pocket curtain heading tape and cord pocket curtain tapes.

Woven Pocket Tapes

The benefits of woven pocket curtain tapes are well known by professional curtain makers as well as retailers and consumers.

All our woven pocket tapes have high quality woven pockets with warp and weft yarns woven together to form strong hook pockets.

Good quality curtain hooks fit tightly into the pocket giving minimal movement.

As the pockets support the hooks firmly, the pockets don't sag and curtains will hang at consistent length.

By encasing the draw cords of pencil pleat tapes in specially constructed tubes set in the base fabric of the tape the cords remain at the back of the pleat. The individual pleats then stand forward of the base fabric in the classic 'D' pleat.

D pleats are the most popular and classical pencil pleats with high pleat definition and predetermined fullness. At this fullness the tape will stop pleating, the well proportioned deep ''D'' style pleats will be beautifully presented with each pleat firmly aligned next to its neighbours less able to tip, bunch or spread.

High quality draw cords complete the specification of our woven pocket tapes.

Our woven pocket tapes are all heat set, packed and inspected by hand to ensure that the highest standards are maintained through all the preparation and production processes.

Corded Pocket Tapes

Our corded pocket tapes are made to a number of designs.

The standard reversible or double sided pencil pleat is the most popular. The draw cords and pockets run on both sides of the tape and these tapes pleat with the popular 'S' style pencil pleat. Reversible 'S' pleat tapes have a fully variable fullness but typically curtains need to be made with at least twice fullness to give a pleasing depth of pleat.

Single sided tapes will typically have the pockets on just one side of the tape so a little care must be taken to ensure that the tape is sewn on with the pockets away from the fabric.

The draw cord pass in and out of the fabric of the tape between the pleats or pass through specially made 'tubes' so that the individual pleats are separated and locked into position by a flat section. This design is often referred to as a 'D' pleat and is the classic pencil pleat design used in most of the more expensive pencil pleat tapes.

One advantage of the single sided tape design is that, as the pockets are further apart than on a double sided tape, the pocket cord is less likely to pull though the tape so the pockets are less likely to stretch.

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