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Course Testimonials

Sarah Parkin, Melton

"Had a fantastic time, helpful staff, great setting, learnt loads and if you're thinking about attending then I'd highly recommend it. Well worth the money. I'm going back for more!"

Penny Lord, Isle of Wight

"The course covered all aspects of curtain design and make up with excellent, clear and detailed notes. It has certainly exceeded all my expectations. My confidence on leaving is sky high! Many thanks!"

Tracey Miller, Biddulph, Stoke-on-Trent

"The course gave me lots of new ideas and enthusiasm to experiment with different fabrics and textures. All in all, the course is very rewarding and I would return to do further courses."

Jean Soden, Surrey

"I never knew that hand sewing a curtain could be so satisfying. Three days on a course is a great opportunity to meet people who are really interested in the same things."

Sandra Clegg, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

"The course has been five star - thoroughly enjoyed every minute."

Jill Dixon, Buckinghamshire

"I have finished the course greatly enthused and ready to start my own business."

Sandra Jedrej, Cambridge

"I have learned a lot and now can't wait to start my next curtain project."

Charlotte Rudolph, London

"A fantastic three days, well worth the journey."

Tracey Miller, Biddulph, Stoke-on-Trent.

"The atmosphere is very welcoming and relaxing with very helpful training given."

Claire Byrne, Northern Ireland

"The surroundings are beautiful and the people very welcoming. The perfect recipe for a learning environment."

Sheila Phillips, Oxfordshire

"Tranquil, beautiful Redbourne Hall - giving time and space for concentrated learning."

Sandra Jedrej, Cambridge.

"I have found your family firm to be very professional and situated in fantastic surroundings in the Lincolnshire countryside."

Penny Lord, Isle of Wight.

"A real treat to see how the professionals do it!"

Sheila Phillips, Oxfordshire.

"High level skills taught in a friendly, down-to-earth manner."

Claire Byrne, Northern Ireland.

"Thank you very much for three wonderful days of learning. I am so excited to get home and put all the knowledge I have gained into practice."

Jill Dixon, Buckinghamshire.

"The course instructors were a great source of knowledge related to soft furnishings. They were kind and helpful with most theoretical questions and practical ones."

Sandra Clegg, Wakefield

"The experience has been valuable and has given me the drive / knowledge to take on jobs outside the home. Thank you for a memorable time."

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