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Deluxe-3 Motorised Roman Blind Headrail & Kit - up to 300cm wide

Deluxe-3 Motorised Roman Blind Headrail/Kit - 300cmEnlarge

Deluxe-3 Motorised Roman Blind Headrail/Kit - 300cm


Motorised Headrail includes:

HRDEL300RIncludes 8 cord drops, 5 universal face-fix/top-fix brackets
SOMMOTORKITSomfy Motor Kit for Deluxe-3 headrail
Dimensions Profile Height: 38mm
Profile Depth: 36mm
Bracket projection: 41mm to front of headrail

Total Price:

156.37 +VAT

Please note:
We recommend that you take delivery of your motorised headrail before sewing the rings to the back of your Roman blind.

This is because the space needed for the motor, together with the final length of the headrail, can alter the number and positioning of the cord drops.

Power Options

Every Deluxe-3 Motorised Roman Blind kit will require either a 12V lithium-ion battery pack and associated charger or a 110-240V AC/DC power supply if powering from the mains.

Battery Power Options

Somfy lithium-ion Battery Pack, including clipsEnlarge
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Additional charge £
The battery pack can be charged using either the Somfy LI-LIO Solar Panel or the Somfy 12V Lithium-ion battery charger.

The lithium-ion battery pack is an alternative to the 12V AC/DC mains power supply (SOM240VSUPPLY).

The lithium-ion battery is expected to provide approximately 500 cycles of operation (depending on Roman blind size and weight) before needing a charge. That means you'll only need to plug in the optional external battery charger approximately once a year.

Somfy Rechargeable Lithium-ion External Battery Pack Specifications

  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 2600mAh
  • Output Voltage 12 Volts DC
  • Dimensions: 9.8125" x 1" x 0.9"
  • Weight: 0.75lb


  • Battery Pack
  • 2 Sets of Mounting Clips
  • Hardware
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Somfy WF LI-ION Solar Panel for lithium-ion Battery PackEnlarge
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Additional charge £
You must have a Sonfy Solar Panel for each motorised Roman blind that will charge the lithium-ion battery pack using solar energy.

Use to wirelessly charge a Somfy Lithion-Iron Battery Pack.

The solar (photovoltaic) panel is mounted on the inside of the window opening and converts the sun's light into electrical energy. The harnessed electrical energy is stored within a Lithium-iron (Li-ion) battery which powers your Somfy RTS blind motors.

Dimensions: 301mm x 40mm x 11mm (WxHxD)

Includes: 1 x Solar panel, wall mount clips, adhesive tape, and alcohol wipes.
Somfy Tilt & Lift 25 RTS motors and Somfy Lithium-iron Battery Packs sold separately.
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Somfy lithium-ion Charger Plug UKEnlarge
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Additional charge £
If not using the Somfy LI-ION Solar Panel, you must have at least one Somfy lithium-ion battery charger if any of your motorised Roman blinds will be lithium-ion battery powered.

Used for charging the Somfy™ lithium-ion battery pack.
Simply plug into the mains socket and connect to the battery pack.

At least one Somfy battery charger is required per household.

One hour charging will provide approximately 11 months of average usage.

Lithium-ion battery must be purchased separately.

Supply cable length: 1.95m

Only use on Somfy lithium-ion battery packs.
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Mains Power Options

Somfy 12V AC/DC Mains Power Supply (110-240V)Enlarge
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Additional charge £
Each motorised Roman Blind that is powered by mains will require its' own power supply as it is left permanently attached to the motor.

Somfy™ 12V AC/DC Power Supply with 300cm lead

110-240V AC Mains power adaptor is an alternative to the lithium-ion battery pack (SOMLIIONBATT).

The AC mains power adaptor connects the motor directly to the mains socket.
This option needs a power socket available, as the power supply and cable remains in place for operation.

This power supply CAN NOT be used to charge the lithium-ion battery packs.
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Controller Options

Regardless of how you power your motorised Roman blinds you will need a remote or wall mounted controller to both set up and use the blind.

Telis & Situo Remote controllers

Telis & Situo remote controllers offer a convenient way to control 1, 4 or 16 individual blinds or groups of blinds from anywhere in a room.

Somfy Situo 1 RTS Pure II 1 channel remote handsetEnlarge
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Additional charge £

Single Channel Remote Handset

Single channel handset allows you to set up and control one blind or one group of up to eight blinds together.
The Situo 1 RTS remote has an up button, a down button and a my button, which serves as both a stop button and a preset position button.

Supplied with a discreet wall bracket.
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Somfy Situo 5 RTS Pure II 5 channel remote handsetEnlarge
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Additional charge £

Five Channel Remote Handset

Five channel handset allows you to set up and control five blinds individually or up to 5 Roman blinds together.

The Situo 5 RTS remote control has an up button, a down button and a my button, which serves as both a stop button and a preset position button. The Situo 5 RTS is suitable for individual control of 5 separate blinds.

  • Can control 5 blinds or a group of blinds
  • Base station with Up / My / Down buttons
  • With the my function you can save your favorite position of that blind and easily call it up via the my button
  • Supplied with wall bracket
  • RTS protocol

Technical characteristics

Battery TypeCR2032
Number of batteries1
Battery Lifeup to 5 years depending on use

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Somfy Telis 16 channel remote handsetEnlarge
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Additional charge £

16 Channel Remote Handset

The easy to program Telis 16 handset lets you set up and operate up to 16 different Roman blinds, either individually or as a group. The LCD display shows you which channel is currently selected, while the channel selector button makes it easy to navigate between them. The channel names and icons can even be adapted to make controlling your automated products even easier.

Wireless one touch control allowing you to open or close your blinds from the comfort of your chair. The three buttons include raise, lower and stop functionalities, along with a 'MY' button. This means you can program and instantly recall your preferred Roman blind position.

  • Set up and Control up to 16 blinds, groups or other Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) enabled products.
  • Includes raise, lower and stop functions, and programmable 'MY' button
  • LCD display makes it easy to program and navigate between channels
  • Assign each channel a name, icon and/or number
  • Create groups to simultaneously operate multiple RTS products in the same zone
  • Battery powered with no wiring required
  • Supplied with a mounting bracket for easy storage
  • Comes with a comprehensive 2 year warranty


  • 1 x Telis 16 Pure-16 channel remote control
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Wall mount
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Wall mounted controller and surrounds

The Somfy Smoove Origin wall controller is an alternative or addition to the Telis range of remote controllers. It allows you to control a single blind or group of blinds from a wall mounted controller.

The controller is battery powered and requires no additional wiring to operate.
It is supplied with a Pure white faceplate as standard but we offer a range of optional faceplates which can be used to match your interior decor.

Somfy Smoove Origin Wall Controller (incl. Pure white faceplate)Enlarge
more info

Additional charge £

Smoove Origin Wall Controller

The battery powered Somfy™ Smoove Origin Wall Controller allows you to set up and control your Roman blind or a group of up to eight blinds with the touch of a button.
This controller functions in the same way as the Somfy™ Telis 1 Remote handset.

The battery powered control is easy to install anywhere in your home, with no disruption to your décor. And thanks to the neutral colour finish, this contemporary handset will blend seamlessly into your interiors.

The single channel control is easy to program and use, featuring raise, lower and stop functions for easy operation of your blind. The controller also includes a 'MY' button, which can be programmed to instantly recall a preferred Roman blind position.

  • Controls Deluxe-3 motorised blind or other RTS enabled products
  • Includes raise, lower and stop functions, and programmable 'MY' button
  • Allows easy pairing and set up with your motorised Roman blinds or other RTS enabled products
  • Battery powered; no wiring required
  • Supplied as a white switch module with a Pure white faceplate and mounting plate
  • Option to purchase coloured faceplates to further compliment your interior decor


  • 1 x Smoove Origin RTS Wall Switch
  • 1 x Mounting plate
  • 1 x White frame
  • 1 x M3 tape
  • 1 x Battery
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Somfy Smoove faceplate - BlackEnlarge
more info

Additional charge £

Black coloured faceplate for Somfy™ Smoove Origin wall controller.

Use to further complement your interior decor.
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Somfy Smoove faceplate - Silver MattEnlarge
more info

Additional charge £

Silver Matt finished faceplate for Somfy™ Smoove Origin wall controller.

Use to further complement your interior decor.
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Somfy Smoove faceplate - Amber BambooEnlarge
more info

Additional charge £

Amber Bamboo faceplate for Somfy™ Smoove Origin wall controller.

Use to further complement your interior decor.
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Somfy Smoove faceplate - Light BambooEnlarge
more info

Additional charge £

Light Bamboo faceplate for Somfy™ Smoove Origin wall controller.

Use to further complement your interior decor.
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Smart Home Automation Controllers

Somfy TaHoma SwitchEnlarge
more info

Additional charge £

Please note: If you do not already have one, you will need to order a Telis, Situo or Smoove Remote controller to setup the blind limits in the motor prior to pairing the blind with the TaHoma App.

A Telis/Situo 1 Channel controller can setup multiple blinds. However if you want the Telis/Situo controller to operate multiple blinds separately you will need the Telis/Situo controller with the appropriate number of channels.

Download the Tahoma App

Somfy TaHoma Switch

The 1st smart control to centralise & connect your home equipment.

  • From smart application to home automation, the most complete & evolutive connected experience with the TaHoma environment
  • From the touch of a button, to app control, all the way to voice control, TaHoma switch offers an accessible to all and scalable smart home solution.
  • Tahoma switch controls key home equipment from Somfy and major partner brands (shades, shutters, doors, gates, windows, heating, lighting, cameras, alarm systems and more) for more security, greater energy efficiency and enhanced comfort every day.
  • Thanks to the native integration of the io-homecontrol, RTS and Zigbee 3.0 protocols along with cloud compatibilities Tahoma switch is an evolutive solution, that allows people to add equipment as theyd like.
  • TaHoma switch is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enlarging the user experience to voice control.

Evolutionary Smart Home solution

  • Connects with 21 major smart home brands as well as voice assistants such as Google assistant and Amazon Alexa, TaHoma switch offers one of the most complete smart home experiences on the market.
  • Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user living in a house or apartment, no matter the size of your installation and number of equipment, it will be very easy to use TaHoma switch.

Technical specifications:

Article number:1870600
Radio frequency:868-870 MHz and 433.42 MHz
Technology: io-homecontrol, RTS and Zigbee 3.0
Connections:1 x Micro-USB
Current:230 V / 5V DC 1 A
Range: 200 meters open field
Dimensions: 162 x 67.5 x 34 mm
Weight: 213 g

Package contents:

1xTaHoma switch
1xUSB power adapter
1xUSB Power cable
1xInstruction leaflet
Tahoma for IOS

Download from the Apple Apps Store
Tahoma for Andriod

Download from the Google Play Store
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Somfy 240v RTS indoor plug on/off

Somfy 240v Plug RTS IndoorEnlarge
more info

Additional charge £

This plug allows you to control light and other electrical devices along with your Motorised Roman blinds.

Somfy remote-controlled electric socket allows you to control your lights and small electrical appliances with a maximum power of 3000W.

With the addition of this RTS controlled switch you can automate turning on and off devices other than your Roman blinds.

Very easy to install, simply plug into a wall socket and then plug your device into the Somfy plug and pair with a Somfy remote or as an add on to your TaHoma system.

The Somfy 240v Plug RTS indoor can be connected to :

Somfy RTS Telis remote controllers (Sold separately)
Somfy RTS Connexoon (Sold separately)
Somfy Tahoma Hub (Sold separately)

Need more than one Somfy 240v Plug RTS indoor ?
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Kit Options
Rod Bar & Tape Packs

You may wish to add the following options to complete your Roman Blind Kit.

Roman blind rod pack 300cm wideEnlarge

Additional charge £16.12+VAT

Packs include: 7 fibreglass rods with plastic end caps, flat bottom aluminium bar with plastic end caps.

If selected, you can enter your dimensions below and we will professionally cut your fibreglass rods and bottom bar to your exact requirements.

Roman blind tape pack 300cm wideEnlarge

Additional charge £12.01+VAT

All tape packs are suitable for drops up to 260cm.
Includes: Ivory rod tape and S hooks.

Can be used as an alternative to making rod pockets in the
Roman blind lining.

Free Optional Cutting Service

We offer a FREE cutting service on this kit.
Simply tick this box and enter the required lengths in mm.

If you do not tick the box then the track will be supplied un-cut.

Now, please enter the lengths required in mm.

Your measurements for the headrail length will include the drive/motor and endcap(s).

If you have added the optional Roman blind rod bar pack you should also enter the required length for the flat bottom bar and fibreglass rods including end caps. Fibreglass rods are normally 30-50mm less than the headrail to allow for the fabric side turning.

If you do not enter measurements then the items ordered will be supplied un-cut.

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