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Soft Furnishing Master System

Soft Furnishing Master System


Forms for all, whether your business is large or

Hugely practical - packed with tips that really work.

Extremely thorough and detailed coverage of this wide ranging subject.

Invaluable Master Forms that can be photocopied and used or adapted.

Contains: client agreement forms, measuring sheets for various window shapes, price list structure, forms for fitting and hanging instructions, make-up sheets for all types of window treatments and beds plus accessories.
Measurements in centimetres only.

Please note books are exempt from VAT

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Contents Page

Hints and Tips6
Account Application Form84
Client Agreement Form90
Terms and Conditions10
Estimate Numbers12
Window Measuring Sheet14
Bay Window Measuring Sheet 
Arched window Measuring Sheet 
Four-Poster Bed Measuring Sheet 
Curtain & Valance/Pelmet Fabric Quantities22
Swag & Tail Fabric Quantities24
Four-Poster Bed Fabric Quantities26
Soft Furnishing Price List28
Fitting & Hanging Instructions34
Curtain Labels36
Curtain Make-up Sheet38
Bay Window Curtain Make-up Sheet 
Arched Window Curtain Make-up Sheet 
Net Curtain Slotted Heading Window Curtain Make-up Sheet 
Valance Make-up Sheet46
Pelmet Make-up Sheet48
Swag & Tail Make-up Sheet50
Austrian Blind Make-up Sheet52
Roman Blind Make-up Sheet54
Bed Cover Make-up Sheet56
Bed Valance Make-up Sheet58
Corona/Four-Poster Bed Curtain Make-up Sheet60
Four-Poster Bed Cover Make-up Sheet62
Four-Poster Bed Base Valance Make-up Sheet64
Round Tablecloth Make-up Sheet66
TV & Dressing Tablecloth Make-up Sheet 
Square Cushion Make-up Sheet70
Round Cushion Make-up Sheet72
Chair Squab Cushion Make-up Sheet74


ISBN Format Pages Dimensions Weight
0-9535267-1-2 Ringbinder 75 315mm x 260mm x 40mm 1020g

Please note, with the exception of pattern books, books are exempt from VAT

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