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French Style Metal Pole - 4.0m Span Pack

French Style Metal Pole - 4.0m Span PackEnlarge


Pack Includes:
2 x 2.4m poles with bend
2 x end wall brackets
1 x centre joiner
2 x locking collars
40 x rings
1 x centre wall bracket
Allen Key

Our french style poles are not suitable for use with a single curtain as the rings will not pass the centre joiner. On poles over 2.0m span the centre joiner is supplied with a wall support, which must be used.

Poles are supplied oversize to be cut to size when fitting.

Curtains are suspended 120mm from the wall between the two bends

French Style Metal Pole Fitting Instructions

Available in the following colours:

Price each:

136.29 +VAT

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